Taking a first look at First Looks.


First looks are becoming more and more common place in contemporary wedding ceremonies. Gone are the days of old where stringent tradition guided every facet of your special day. Now couples are welcomed to put their own personal touch on every aspect of their celebration, including their time line.


We ask our couples early on in the planning process if they “have any interest in having a First Look?”.

Usually, at this point, the groom will chime in at this point of the convo and explain that he “has no clue what a First Look is” and has never heard of it before.

So, let’s start there.

What is a First Look and when does it take place? A first look is a planned moment your photographer will create on your wedding day, where the couple will see each other for the firs time before your ceremony. Tradition previously dictated that the Bride and Groom wouldn’t see each other until the ceremony began. This new method allows for an intimate, private moment between the couple without all the eyes on them.

Now you might be asking, why would anyone want to see their future husband/wife before the ceremony? That’s certainly a fair question. There are many benefits to having a First Look, actually.

Now that the couple has had their moment together, your photographer can then go straight into capturing your formal portraits with your immediate family, as well as bridal party. In most instances your formal portraits are taken during cocktail hour, after the ceremony. The First Look allows you to spend time with your family and guests during cocktail hour instead of being tied up with your photographer taking more photos. You get to spend more time celebrating!!

However, if getting as many photos as possible is your thing, having a First Look also allows for more time after your ceremony to do some really creative shooting. Don’t want a First Look with your husband/wife?

No problem, we do them with Moms and Dads, too. (Elizabeth and her dad, below)


The most frequent negative we hear is; “But, I want that magic moment where all my friends and Family see me, see my significant other for the first time…” And we get that… This is a moment you have been waiting your entire life for you. You want it to be special.

Keep in mind though, your guests have no idea you had a First Look, wink wink… Trust us, all the magic is still there.

While we really think the First Look adds to the flexibility of your day of timeline, this is a personal decision, and probably your first big one as a married couple. Choose wisely as there are several benefits to doing a first look, but it is not always for everyone!

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TOP 10 MA Wedding Venues, West of 495

At Curry Events, we have had the distinct pleasure of traveling to the finest Wedding venues that the Northeast has to offer. As a result, we have penned a series of top 10 lists, divided by locale, so that you can plan your events accordingly.

For starters, let’s talk about a group of lesser known Central Massachusetts Wedding Venues, who have a distinct presence west of 495.

The 228 is a picturesque venue with easy highway access off of I-190, a friendly staff and a great layout for photos, videos and everything in between. 

The staff is overseen directly by ownership, and guests rave about their overall attention to detail! This is truly a hidden gem in Central MA. For more information, reach out to Sharon in Events or visit www.the228insterling.com/

Hyland Orchard weddings are like no other. They have a few great options for ceremony spaces, brew their own “Rapscallion Brewery” beer on site, and there are farm animals!! The reception space is very accommodating for both outdoor cocktail hour and indoor dinner and dancing. We have had some great experiences at Hyland with their staff and our couples rave about the entire planning process with Hyland’s planning team! Hyland Orchard is a great place to get hitched!

Contact Doe to book your special day at Hyland Orchards, hylandspecialevents@gmail.com

The newly renovated Chocksett Inn of Sterling, MA has made amazing strides under their new management and ownership.

What was once, 20 years ago, a small dusty venue along route 12 — now has become an elegant wedding venue and perfect atmosphere for a special celebration, large or small. Their ballroom is an exquisite and spacious, their chefs are top notch, and their in-house bar and restaurant are the perfect compliment to the celebration space. The Chocksett even has a select number of hotel rooms, just enough for you to rent out the entire place for your wedding party! They also have this cool “after party” package that allows you to keep the wedding celebration going down in the restaurant and patio area until the wee hours of the morning. Mickey, the bar manager, is one of the funniest people you will ever meet in your life and their staff is super easy to work with.


Zukas is one of the most unique venues in all of New England. The views are spectacular and the staff is outstanding. We have had many a great celebration at Zukas and the guests constantly mention how kind and courteous the staff was. They offer both tented receptions as well as their one of a kind hilltop Barn space. Plus, having the perfect countryside venue less than 60 miles from Boston? What an incredible value. Holding 100 weddings or more every year, Zukas is an extremely popular wedding and special event destination, and it is not hard to see why!


This exclusive venue sits at the top of Bigelow Hill and Apple Hill in Leominster, MA. With a unique, country style atmosphere, the one of a kind “Library Bar” restaurant, spacious function hall and amazing photo opps throughout apple orchards on the property, Apple Hill is truly a stand alone wedding venue. The space is very different from any other that you will see, and it gives an excellent opportunity to get creative with the decor and ambiance for your special day. The food is tasty, inventive and yet simple enough to meet the needs of all of your guests.

The property is carefully maintained and the staff is well trained. In the words of my nephew, “The food is bomb!”


The Colonial Hotel has been a North Central MA staple for nearly 25 years. It is truly a full service wedding venue. They have a great space for ceremonies, impeccable amenities for your guests, and the option of tented weddings or a very large ballroom space. Their bar and grille style restaurant is a fantastic space for the rehearsal dinner and the location is right off of rt 2 and incredibly easy to find. Tons of parking, hotel rooms, a pool, not hard to see why this place is in our top 5.

If you are having a wedding or special event and looking for a venue in Central New England, give Mary a call at the Colonial or visit www.colonial-hotel.com/

Harrington farm is an exceptional place to have a wedding. We can truly say the venue is second to very few, if any.

Harrington Farm is the ideal wedding venue for the rustic chic, vintage wedding reception of your dreams. Whether you’re planning a lively summer soiree, an intimate fireside ceremony, or something in between, our seasoned planning experts will help you design a guest-friendly celebration that captures the season’s natural beauty and your unique style. The reception area is a beautifully finished post & beam barn with all the modern amenities you expect. The food is outstanding, the staff is top notch and the Barn space works well with both large and small celebrations. They have so many great spots for your photo and video team to capture the most precious memories on your special day.

check out all their wonderful offerings at https://harringtonfarm.com/

Shaker Hills provides an outstanding property and great accommodations for couples searching for a venue west of 495.

Offering one of the most well kept and sought after golf courses in Central MA, Shaker hills has a great ceremony space, picturesque golf course backdrop for photos, and a spacious reception hall for your celebration. Shaker Hills Country Club presents the perfect setting for your next banquet/function accommodating up to 200 guests. From the elegantly appointed Canterbury Ballroom with adjoining cocktail lounge connected by a double sided center fireplace, to the stone fireplace adorned outdoor Stone Patio and upper decks overlooking the beautifully landscaped golf course grounds, to the classically styled bar finished in wood grain with leather accents; no matter what the occasion, your guests will feel welcomed.

In our experience as both vendors and guests at Shaker Hills, we find their staff and management is easy to get along with and very accommodating to all. Take a peek at this outstanding venue at https://www.shakerhills.com/

One of the nicest golf courses in the entire state offers an outstanding wedding venue and amazing photographic opportunities for your photographer to capture.

Sterling National Country Club is an ideal setting for the perfect wedding complete with breathtaking views, first class food and beverage service, special menus and packages available. A Truly outstanding property and incredibly well trained staff allow for this venue to create a one of a kind wedding experience. Their ballroom is spacious, their food is delightful and the grounds are meticulously manicured.


A picturesque backdrop for any special occasion — but most especially a wedding — The Barn at Gibbet Hill provides the best food, scenery and vibe that Central/Western MA has to offer. They offer a variety of ceremony and reception options, including a “Castle Ruins” ceremony as well as the chance to have the reception either in the barn or in a tented space outdoors. This place has it all: history, scenery, and the food is to die for. The Barn can hold over 200 people and a dancefloor, perfect for weddings large or small. Gibbet Hill is honestly worth every penny and will make for an incredibly memorable celebration with your loved ones.


If you are looking for a venue, you truly cannot go wrong with any one of the places on this list! If you are looking for a Photographer, DJ, Videographer, planner or any other wedding/special event services, please click the contact link below. We would be honored to discuss your special day with you!

*The photos and information displayed are used for journalistic purposes only and are not intended to be represented as our photography work in any way, shape or form. Photos are taken directly from social media *

2021 – March Madness Special

The madness is starting to build with Wedding Season 2021 right on the doorstep. Don’t stress though, with our March Madness special this year, you can take $150 dollars off any Photo, Video, or Entertainment service Curry Event Services offers. Get in the huddle by contacting Curryeventservices@gmail.com or calling Coach at 978 821 9209, and we will draw up a completely customized play to make sure your special day is a game winner!!

The Wedding of Taylor and Andrew Hume

Curry Events had the distinct pleasure of being of service to Taylor and Andrew by providing both Photography and Videography on their wedding day at Flag Hill Winery.

Photography and Videography being paired together is a huge advantage for our clients and couples in the planning, shooting and delivery process.

We met Taylor and Andrew through an inquiry for their Photo and Video services. The initial message was nothing out of the ordinary, just a quick note about the wedding and its location. After speaking with Taylor, we knew we were working with a couple who knew precisely what they were looking for and we could tell that this was going to be a once in a lifetime wedding. As a team, we were so excited that they were having their wedding at Flag Hill Winery where we have had some outstanding weddings in the past. Along with that venue experience, having the opportunity to work on both Photo and Video gives us better workflow in the way we capture the day, and continuity in the Photos and Videos we return to our couples. With this model, we are never competing for a shot or an angle and have the ability to plan alongside one another so that our timelines run in lockstep. This was bound to be a tremendous partnership with Taylor and Andrew!

But first, we needed to do their engagement shoot! Taylor and Andrew met at Canobie Lake Park, where they both worked in their younger days — so it was imperative that they get some shots there. So, despite the park being shutdown, and COVID19, and the world being on pause, our photogs Brian and Jocelyn ventured out to one of New England’s favorite amusement parks for an awesome engagement photo session.

Check out the full engagement Gallery here: https://curryeventservicesphotography.passgallery.com/-taylorandrewengagement5/gallery

Our team had such an awesome time getting to know Taylor and Andrew and their engagement shoot gave us a great understanding of their chemistry and the type of photos that would suit them best as we moved forward to the big day! I guess you could say that after the engagement shoot, we knew precisely how to “Taylor” our services to their needs. (I’ll be here all week!) But in all seriousness, Taylor and Andrew’s engagement shoot was a true testament to the reason why we try to include an engagement session in our full day and full service packages. It truly laid the groundwork for a great rapport between our team and their family, and set the stage for an outstanding wedding shoot from both a photo and video perspective. With Taylor being a coordinator, planner and aspiring venue owner herself, we had a lot in common — and also very high standards for the quality of the memories we were going to capture and return to her family.

As we approached the wedding at Flag Hill Winery, our team prepared to provide the top tier of our photo and video services. Taylor asked for a full length feature film, 2 shooter photography, and a small highlight film (teaser) for social media. As we arrived, we flew the drone over the incredible property, and took in the sights of the distillery. When the family began to arrive, we knew we were in for an amazing day — getting ready photos, a secret first look, a father daughter first look, and of course all that the amazing property had to offer! In our combo packages, we provide a short social media highlight along with a full length feature film.

For a quick peek at the events of the day, check out this highlight film!

Of course, some of you might think… “well, I want more details!” and well my friends, you are in luck, because we have got the deets!!

The vineyard was to die for. Flying the drone over the property gave us an amazing perspective on the vast expanse of Flag Hill’s land. It also gave us some impeccable ideas for photos. Brian and Jocelyn began to set up shots and make their way to the ladies suite for some getting ready photos and of course some of the gentlemen roaming around (as gentlemen tend to do!) It was truly a magnificent gathering and everything from the getting ready to the secret first look (with the best man), to the emotional ceremony, to the incredible energy of the reception, were all magnificent in their own way.

For a look at Taylor and Andrew’s Full Wedding Photography Gallery: https://curryeventservicesphotography.passgallery.com/-taylorandrewwedding/gallery

Even the vows, speeches and toasts took on a life of their own, and provided great context for how Taylor and Andrew’s relationship has blossomed over the years, from friends and coworkers to lovebirds and now to newlyweds! In the full length film, they take the time to read a letter to one another, which sets the stage for all the amazing moments of their big day at Flag Hill.

Their story is truly one which was not only a pleasure to experience, but an honor to capture and retell. At Curry Event Services, we are so grateful for the opportunity to be of service to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Taylor Hume as well as their closest family and friends. Like in all of our album collections and feature films, we aimed to portray their story in a unique way, reflecting the raw emotion and experience of being there with them that day, while adding a cinematic touch and narrative to the film we deliver.

Congratulations to our newlyweds, Taylor and Andrew Hume!

If you are interested in discussing Photography, Videography, Entertainment or a combo package of many things we offer, please click the contact form below and we will get back to you immediately!

Warmest Regards,

Curry Event Services

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CES in TheKnot Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to our entire team as well as our many years of amazing couples and clients and all of the fellow vendors and venues we have worked with over the years!

Over 15 years ago, this company began with advice from my father, Doug Curry. After an evening of partying with my old man at one of my performances on campus at Wesleyan University — where I was studying Government and international politics — dad told me that DJing and Media creation were my strongest professional skills. The next day, In a college apartment, Dad, myself and a couple close friends, began this pursuit to be one of the strongest production and entertainment companies in New England and have been doing what we love ever since! In that time, we have been a part of so many amazing events — from Golf Tournaments to 80th birthday parties, from mitzvahs, festivals and sweet 16s to thousands of weddings and private events.

After years of work in the wedding and events industry, and despite an amazingly tough year with Covid in 2020, Curry Events still pushes to the mountaintop in the world of production and entertainment. Over the years, we have won Theknot.com Best of Weddings and the Wedding Wire “Couples Choice” awards over 10 times in RI, NH and MA. Although those awards are and were an amazing accomplishment, it is such an honor to join this rare-air of production and entertainment companies who have been awarded this distinction. We are so grateful for all the couples, venues, fellow vendors and clients who have made this amazing achievement possible.

We have always aimed to offer a modern twist on the classic New England wedding by working with the best -in house- DJ, Video and Photography talent. Over the years, our style of offering top notch talent who can embrace the classics — but who also engage in the newest trends to uniquely cater our clients — has undoubtedly paid off!

“We are honored to be of service to you!”

— DJ Blake

We never aimed to throw weddings where the DJ gave you the vibe that he or she may have DJed your uncle’s prom, and always strived to give the couple a timeless, yet tailored experience. As we move into the post covid era, our team aims to modernize our offerings, bringing new innovations to our couples and clients through intuitive technology and a more streamlined approach to planning and executing the perfect event!

We are so proud of our squad for over a decade of amazing service to our clients and we could not be happier to have achieved this amazing accomplishment!

As I always say, “The DJ you select to perform at your wedding, will be meeting your granny, your closest friends and family members… so choose wisely!”.

Thank you so, so much!!

Blake X. Curry, Founder

Curry Event Services


Best of Weddings 2020 – Highlights!

First Looks, Snippets, Dance footage, Live shots and more! These are the highlights for Curry Event Services of New England, Best of Weddings on Theknot.com in MA, NH and RI in 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well as couple’s choice award winner in 2019 and 2020 on WeddingWire.com.

Getting to know our Photography Team!

Looking for a Photographer? There are so many out there at various prices and levels of skill, but what makes a Wedding/Family Photographer great is not only their ability to shoot and edit amazing Photos, but also their talent for keeping things simple and stress free!! Check out this conversation with Brian, our Senior Photog!

The Wedding of Jesie and Alberto

A love story like this could only take place in the picturesque backdrop of the New Hampshire Mountains..

Elizabeth and Tom

With its historic backdrop, Beacon Hill engagement shoots are always an enjoyable experience. But when you add a laid back couple like Liz and Tom, it becomes a memory that lasts a lifetime!