We are often asked about our unique story as a family owned company. So here it is.

“Let the music speak for itself”

In 2005, I was attending Wesleyan University in pursuit of my undergrad and was, like many young performers, just getting my feet wet as a performing DJ and MC. It was late in my Sophomore year that I had booked a private event on campus, and decided to invite my dad to the performance.

One thing to note is Papa Curry was not like many other dads. Dad had a history of being a roadie for a few major bands, and he, along with other members of the Curry family, had a substantial amount of experience in booking acts for venues, dating back to Muddy Waters in the 70s. He also had a very deep and wide music collection, of which I had burned at least 10,000 songs to my personal DJ library, so it was safe to say old Dougie knew a lot about music.

Dad came down and saw me perform, alongside several other performers. Then, in true Curry family fashion, we took the party 45 miles down the road to Foxwoods Casino to celebrate along with 3 of our buddies from campus. After Blackjack, a good meal and some cappucinos, we made our way back, but dad wanted to chat on the ride home. For the first time that entire evening, he took a fairly serious tone and said, “you could be really good at this, Blake“. I jokingly shot back, “What, you mean Blackjack?”. And of course, he just shook his head in disapproval.

We proceeded to chat the entire hour ride about the DJing and MCing that my team and I had done that evening and how well my entire crew performed. Dad was very impressed with how we utilized old school songs and mixing techniques with the more up-tempo music that was popular at the time. It was from that point that I took his advice and began working on dozens of private events, from Mitzvahs and family outings for our college buddies, to events that we put on ourselves at golf courses, night clubs, wedding venues and even some frat parties. In pursuit of more artistic and production abilities, I also continued to produce tracks and took film and music courses amidst putting out a few albums and touring the US and Canada.

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Since then, things have truly evolved with Curry Events, but we’ve always kept dad’s motto of “let the music speak for itself”. We have partnered with good friends Brian S. and DJ Reck to create a full Photography, Videography and Entertainment team. My wife, Jocelyn, is one of our featured photographers and an integral part of our operation. As we are a family owned and operated, we only work with those with whom we have extensive experience and can rely on not only their talents and skills, but also their integrity and character.

Reverend Blake – Officiating a Wedding at Chocksett Inn

Our DJ, Photo, Video and Photo Booth teams are truly honored to be of service to our clients and couples on their special day. And frankly, that’s just the way Papa Curry would have wanted it. We have always maintained a customer-first approach, and put our couples and their loved-ones at the forefront of our offerings. Utilizing that family-first, homemade approach, Curry Events takes immense pride in the services we provide and always aim to offer a customized experience, tailored to our clients’ and couples’ needs. Since we opened the doors, we have won best of weddings in CT, MA, RI, and NH and were recently acknowledged in The WeddingPro Hall of Fame in 2020.

If you want a packed dance floor, a well made film that shows the emotion of your wedding, or a photo album with incredible style and professional quality, Curry Events is the place for you! We look forward to being of service to you on your special day!

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