What’s your style?

Regardless of whether you are the Photographer or the client, one of the first questions that inevitably comes up is:

What’s your style? What kind of photos are you good at taking?

Simple, right? Well, it’s not really that simple.

Many of our couples are saying their vows for their first, and only time. The process of planning a wedding is a relatively foreign terrain, navigated by copious Youtube video watching, and tidbits of Facebook advice. So when I, as the photographer, ask,  “What’s your style?” It is perfectly reasonable to hear, “I have no idea. What’s a style?” This is when I give out a little homework. Check out your social media, your etsys, your instagrams and just find some photos that you like the general aesthetic of. Look at the tones. Look at the brightness. What do you really want hanging over your fireplace at your next family gathering? That’s your style, as a bride or groom!!

Conversely, sometimes there are those couples that already have their assignment, ready to pass in, and I get asked, “Well, what style of photos do you take?” This is where Curry Events Photography prides itself in offering a service unlike most others. Our style, is whatever your style is. We communicate with you to determine what you, as a unique couple, are looking for in your wedding photos – and we have the experience and design skills to achieve any photographic style you are looking for.

We spend a lot of time in the Adobe Creative suit (maybe too much lol), and we really enjoy what we do. If you want light and airy memories… We can do that. Have a thing for rich cinematic photos full of drama? We have you covered. Want something a little more contemporary and fresh? We are always learning and creating new techniques to enhance the mood in your shots.

Here are just a few examples for you and your fiance:

Light & Airy


One of the more recognized motifs for stylized wedding photos. These bright and whimsical photos really create a classic and elegant feeling.

Rich & Cinematic


With dark shadows and bright highlights, we create a dramatic contrast that is very eye catching and memorable.

Warm & Earthy


Somewhat new to the stage is the warm, comfortable, earth tones accentuating your browns and oranges. This is a big hit with rustic New England couples.

Old School B&W


While we don’t get a lot of requests for entirely B&W collections, every now and again, some photos are just more intriguing without the color.

Like all facets of Curry Events team, our Photography division utilizes these options (as well as many others) to provide you with a customized and individualized experience on your wedding day. We cannot wait to be of service to you!!

To discuss your Photography needs with Curry Event Services staff, or to speak to our lead Photog Brian directly, please click the link below!





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