Officiant – We offer several non denominational reverends and ministers, available to make it official in every New England state. This is an option that can be bundled with any of our other offerings. Whether you are looking for an elegant ceremony with all of the noteworthy traditions, or if you want something more quick and contemporary, our officiants are here to make sure your I do’s are lifetime memories.

Reverend Jim is a Non Denominational Reverend with an outstanding presence on the mic. He has been officiating weddings for over 10 years and is incredible at helping our couples plan and execute their perfect wedding ceremony. Jim has an impeccable ability to include meaningful quotes and language in all of his ceremonies – while keeping them concise, relevant and to the point. Jim is also one of the team’s best MCs and is on the mic frequently assisting our DJ teams with their weddings and special events.

In his personal life, Jim is a father of 4 and is happily married to his wife, Shannan. Jim has a wonderful sense of humor and provides and outstanding shoulder for our couples to lean on as they approach their big day. He truly loves being a part of wedding ceremonies and is always thrilled to help our couples jump the broom.

DJ Blake is also one of our best Officiants and has performed ceremonies for many of his DJ clients. Blake is a Non Denominational Reverend who has officiated and conducted over 100 weddings and ceremonies from a wide array of cultural traditions. In his ceremonies, Blake has the incredible ability to include humor and sentimental anecdotes from the couple’s relationship and tailor’s his presentation to meet the personality of the couple. Reverend Blake is one of the most polished and confident public speakers you will find and knows how to deliver an impactful wedding ceremony like no other.

In his personal life, Blake is the proud father of 3 and happily married to his wife, Jocelyn. Throughout his life, Blake has had a penchant for studying a variety of cultures and religions. After High School, he studied at Wesleyan University, where he earned a Masters Degree. Reverend Blake brings a plethora of cultural knowledge and experience to his wedding ceremonies and takes great joy in helping couples customize their vows with unique and meaningful sentiments.

Reverend Jorge Perez, aka DJ Georgie, has performed ceremonies for many of his DJ clients. In his ceremonies, Georgie has the keen ability to keep it short and sweet, while also adding in special sentimental details from the couple’s life. He is a fun loving, upbeat officiant with a wonderful balance of serious and playful.

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