We absolutely love to capture your special moments! It is our pleasure to be of service to you in being a part of your special event and we cherish being behind the camera for your big day! Through our art, we have the amazing opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. We enjoy the planning process as well as the opportunity to learn more about our couples throughout the planning and selection process.


Since 2012, Curry Event Services has provided Photography, Design, and Videography Services for our various clients and couples. We have experience in all avenues in the field of Photography, and have learned to embrace the special moments our clients and couples ask us to capture. We have experience in everything from engagement photos and wedding candids, to corporate events, sports, and family photography. Our videography team works hand in hand with our photographers to capture your special moments from all angles. We have experience in family videos, wedding highlights, milestone moments, and corporate videos to name a few.


We utilize our in house photography throughout our website, with a multitude of shots and angles that capture the energy at our special events!

please check out our public portfolio at the link below:

Curry Events Photography – Public Portfolio

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Our amazing videographers have experience in shooting both montage style videos and live video edits. We can offer several services surrounding video such as short montages and highlight films, full audio and video recordings or even live stream speeches and ceremonies for your loved ones who could not be there for your special day. We offer drone cameras, extra shooters and more! 

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