Taking a first look at First Looks.


First looks are becoming more and more common place in contemporary wedding ceremonies. Gone are the days of old where stringent tradition guided every facet of your special day. Now couples are welcomed to put their own personal touch on every aspect of their celebration, including their time line.


We ask our couples early on in the planning process if they “have any interest in having a First Look?”.

Usually, at this point, the groom will chime in at this point of the convo and explain that he “has no clue what a First Look is” and has never heard of it before.

So, let’s start there.

What is a First Look and when does it take place? A first look is a planned moment your photographer will create on your wedding day, where the couple will see each other for the firs time before your ceremony. Tradition previously dictated that the Bride and Groom wouldn’t see each other until the ceremony began. This new method allows for an intimate, private moment between the couple without all the eyes on them.

Now you might be asking, why would anyone want to see their future husband/wife before the ceremony? That’s certainly a fair question. There are many benefits to having a First Look, actually.

Now that the couple has had their moment together, your photographer can then go straight into capturing your formal portraits with your immediate family, as well as bridal party. In most instances your formal portraits are taken during cocktail hour, after the ceremony. The First Look allows you to spend time with your family and guests during cocktail hour instead of being tied up with your photographer taking more photos. You get to spend more time celebrating!!

However, if getting as many photos as possible is your thing, having a First Look also allows for more time after your ceremony to do some really creative shooting. Don’t want a First Look with your husband/wife?

No problem, we do them with Moms and Dads, too. (Elizabeth and her dad, below)


The most frequent negative we hear is; “But, I want that magic moment where all my friends and Family see me, see my significant other for the first time…” And we get that… This is a moment you have been waiting your entire life for you. You want it to be special.

Keep in mind though, your guests have no idea you had a First Look, wink wink… Trust us, all the magic is still there.

While we really think the First Look adds to the flexibility of your day of timeline, this is a personal decision, and probably your first big one as a married couple. Choose wisely as there are several benefits to doing a first look, but it is not always for everyone!

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