A personable photography team with a modern approach. Specializing in Weddings, Corporate Events, Family Photography and more!

Since 2012, Curry Event Services has provided Photography, Design, and Videography Services for our various clients and couples. We have experience in all avenues in the field of Photography, and have learned to embrace the special moments our clients and couples ask us to capture. We have experience in everything from engagement photos and wedding candids, to corporate events, sports, and family photography. Every event is unique. It is our pleasure to use our years of expertise in giving our clients a photography experience that satisfies all of their preferences for the big day!


A note from our Senior Photographer, Brian:

The approach to my photography is simple – Collaboration, Creativity, and Technique.

My goal is to capture once in a lifetime moments and turn them into memories you’ll never forget. Through connecting with people and showing an appreciation for the meaning of the events I’m about to photograph; I can develop a comfortability that creates an environment fit for both authenticity and intimacy. Really getting to know my couples allows us to collectively develop a plan that focuses on all of your special details, traditions, and genuine personal interactions ensuring we return a wedding story that is uniquely your own. 

When it comes to style – I think there is something to be said about a photo that possesses that classic quality of being able to be appreciated the same in one decade as it is in the next. That means my photojournalism is shot in a real world, color-rich manner. I want you to remember your special day just as it happened. Super heavy, contemporary editing styles just aren’t my thing. 

Life before photography saw me spending a lot of time in Kitchens. Working my way up from dishwasher to head chef – I have had the pleasure of running Botanical Gardens to Breweries, spending a season with a Major League Baseball team and learning with James Beard Award winners. Over the twenty years I spent as a cook and chef, I became extremely familiar with working under pressure and how to overcome unforeseen obstacles while developing solutions to ensure the best possible guest experience. I have found that between the required attention to detail, opportunity for creativity, and ability to problem solve, being successful on a busy Friday night in a restaurant and returning an amazing, and soon to be cherished wedding collection require a very similar skill set. 

Having shot hundreds of weddings, please utilize my experience in making your story come to life. I am incredibly grateful for your interest in my work, and I look forward to being of service to you.



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