Keeping your Special Day on Track

With a wedding or special event in mind, there are so many moving parts and variables which can factor into the success and comfort level of that special gathering.

It is always important to keep “things on track” and understand the nuances of catering to guests with short attention spans and venues with tight time-lines.

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5 Key Points about our DJs.

Our 5 step formula for ensuring success at your event!

At, we aim to work hand in hand with you to accomplish your event’s specific goals and meet your individual needs. Our unique approach to event planning is centered around our partnerships with the region’s best venues and vendors to create an ambiance that is second to none. Continue reading “5 Key Points about our DJs.”

The Top 7 Holiday Party Tips of 2017

Planning for a Holiday Party is easier said than done.

In the group oriented worlds of businesses, sports teams, and social clubs, there will always be a need for camaraderie and team building to exist in a more relaxed “get to know me” atmosphere.

Of course, there is that casual monthly (sometimes even weekly) opportunity to build with your co-workers and teammates through the everyday “get-togethers” of your workplace, family or team.  Sure, there’s even occasionally the “corporate events” and trainings that your company or group might provide – but none hold a proverbial candle to the annual jubilee which is the “Holiday Party”. Continue reading “The Top 7 Holiday Party Tips of 2017”

Joe and Cassie’s Engagement Party

Great food, Great Drink, Great Dance, Great people.

Joe and Cassie, seen here with Joe’s sister, asked Curry Event Services to handle their engagement party. We love to produce the best results, whether we have a year to plan or only a few weeks. Joe and Cassie found out last minute that their party was taking place before their departure, and Curry Events helped to create electronic invitations and provide the soundscape for a wonderful send-off.


Team Building with the Freemasons

Fraternal organizations and corporations alike can benefit from Team Building!

Organizing team events is time consuming and on occasion, even the best and most established organizations can use a hand getting all the pieces together.

Such was the case on May 18, 2015.

Curry Event Services was utilized to do a unique type of event request; to organize and facilitate a special fraternal gathering. This meant our team was charged with the task of graphic design, hosting, and event coordination for the world’s oldest fraternal organization – The Freemasons.

This specific group of Freemasons,Saint John’s Lodge #2 of Middletown CT, had been open continously since 1754! (And continues to meet to this day!)

After considerable travel to the historic Middletown lodge building, Masons from 3 states attended the special ceremony, and an enjoyable and educational evening was had by all!

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