The 1848 Barn Alnoba in Kensington, NH is a hidden gem in Southern New Hampshire where Meagan and Todd decided to tie the knot.

Located in Kensington, NH – “Alnoba’s newest addition is a lovingly restored New England barn, built in 1848.  Originally located on Bay Road in Greenland, New Hampshire, and slated for demolition, the barn was reconstructed on the banks of Charward Pond.”

This rustic barn has two large barn doors, which can open to the pond, and was a picturesque setting for Meagan and Todd to take their vows and enjoy a wonderful meal with their guests.


Meagan and Todd enjoyed a very unique reception with amazing food, frequent slow dances and a bit of sing along time among their guests, young and old.


Its always an amazing combination when the style of the couple matches perfectly with the vibe and decor of a venue – and this gathering was no exception. The couple practiced diligently in preparation for their wedding to perfect their dance moves for an impeccable first dance, and they did not disappoint.


It was our distinct pleasure to provide Entertainment and Ceremony services for Meagan and Todd at the 1848 Barn at Alnoba. Work life is pretty enjoyable when you’re at the brand new 1848 Barn at Alnoba in Kensington, New Hampshire. Meagan & Todd looked stunning, as they tied knot on this beautiful occasion. Oh, and man, could they dance…

Thank you so much for having us, folks, we couldn’t have asked for a better couple!!


The Curry Events Team


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