With a wedding or special event in mind, there are so many moving parts and variables which can factor into the success and comfort level of that special gathering.

It is always important to keep “things on track” and understand the nuances of catering to guests with short attention spans and venues with tight time-lines.

The right DJ and Sound company can often be a solution to this very difficult problem. In a traditional sense, the Sound Production Company not only needs to provide the right ambiance for your special event by setting the mood with catchy tunes that everyone can enjoy, but also is responsible for the timeline of the event, the announcements, introductions, build-ups and take-downs and emphasis on extra special moments.

From complex assignments, such as announcing your wedding party’s introductions, to the ever feared “last call” at the bar, your Emcee and Sound team will be highly involved in the orchestration of your special day.  Even more so, if you hire your Sound Production company to perform your ceremony services, then your DJ and Emcee are likely to be involved in the organization and timeline of that very important element as well.

These factors truly make the decision of selecting a Sound Production or DJ Company integral to the successful outcome of your special event. A Wedding or Event Production company must be experienced in the several variables and delays that can occur throughout the timeline of an event, and be prepared to handle all bumps in the road as they come along. He or she must be experienced and resourceful enough to balance all these possibilities and all aspects with grace, class and dignity, and STILL keep the Party alive and motivated! 

That being said, the choice itself can be a tough one, and there are several factors that come into play. Each and every wedding and special event has a budget, no matter how affordable or expensive. In each situation, there are price categories that allow brides and grooms to somewhat find their ideal sound team, but one must beware. Price is important, but most important to each successful party is the fine art of making sure each aspect of your wedding or milestone event is tailored to your individual needs.

The best way to hire a Sound Production Company is to create a live dialog with your top DJs, and to interact with them outside of the confines of a third party vendor, or very bland email exchange. In all vendor relationships, but most importantly with your Sound Production choice, it is extremely important to speak with your DJ and Emcee on the phone, and to set up a meet and greet to ensure that you’ve gone over the best ways to accomplish your specific event goals, and to see if personalities mesh. It is also imperative have a way to examine the level of professional you are working with. After all, things like “attire”, “personality” and “voice” all begin to become big factors if you’re hiring someone to DJ and Emcee a large portion of your Wedding or Milestone event!


Reviews, pricing guides and third party banners may help to narrow the field, but when it comes to your final decision, it is very important to make sure you’re not only hiring a vendor who is careful with your money, but also careful with your time.

At Curry Events, we pride ourselves on the amount of time, effort and responsiveness that our staff members dedicate to our clients. We work with our clients hand in hand to customize their song selections, music equipment, and special moments and work diligently on their behalf to prepare a premium performance at every event! We offer referrals, meet and greets, and video conferences to ensure our clients feel comfortable with their choice in working with Curry Events.

Please fill out the contact form on this page to discuss any of your specific wedding needs with our owner Blake (also our head DJ), and discuss the specific goals you would like to accomplish on your special day!

DJ Blake , Curry Event Services
DJ Blake Curry at the Bay Pointe Club, Onset MA.

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