Congrats to our entire staff of DJs, Officiants, Musicians, & Sound/Light Technicians on our recent award as THEKNOT.com 2018 BEST OF WEDDINGS in 3 New England States! 

We are ecstatic to be selected “Best of Weddings” in our home state of Massachusetts, where nearly 30,000 weddings per year take place. It is truly an honor to be in the top 3% of the 5,000 DJs and Emcees in this category and to be of service to our beloved clients on their special day. We are also honored to be named “Best of Weddings 2018” in our neighbor states of New Hampshire and Rhode Island.BOW_2018_Badges(500x500)

Although we are elated to be selected in those two territories respectively, being named as “Best of Weddings” in those two New England States simultaneously truly shows a level of diversity in our abilities as a wedding provider, and we are proud that TheKnot.com has acknowledged our ability to be flexible and adaptive to our brides and grooms throughout New England. For example, there are many diverse weddings one can have in any of the New England states, but we often see more of a country, rustic elegance in our New Hampshire weddings. Many NH events are on a mountainside, out in the beauty and timelessness of nature, utilizing the breathtaking landscape that comes with New Hampshire venues of all kinds.


Likewise, Rhode Island weddings have their own brand of elegance, and certainly utilize their pristine beachfront locations and colorful landscapes in their own way to accomplish the most beautiful events. Yet, there is often a distinct difference in the mood, decor, and ambiance of the two states, and thus we are very proud to be recognized for our ability to be flexible and diverse in our approach to these various weddings.

In our home state of Massachusetts, we also see a very wide variety of scenery and varying motifs from elegant to rustic – and many in between. As the most popular wedding destination in New England, Massachusetts offers so many various styles of wedding to match the various cultures and thus we aim to honor the tried and true traditions, while keeping things fresh and inventive!

Its also awesome to know that our methods of being up front, honest and fair with our clients in our selection and pricing process has paid dividends! Many people disregarded our hands on approach at first, saying that we “spend too much time” getting to know our couples and being available to speak with their family members, venues and planners. However, it has become clear that our clients truly appreciate the consideration, effort and time we spent with each of them, as the positive reviews continue to pour in. Likewise, our work with venues and vendors continues to foster positive long term relationships and increased confidence in our services!

Please take a look at this short video below to see some of our recent highlights!

It is truly such an honor to be selected in 3 states this year, and we look forward to another successful year of Weddings, Milestones and Corporate events. We will always stay true to our model of a boutique, family owned company that pays extra special attention to details, and strives to help our clients have the best party of their lives with CURRY EVENT SERVICES!


Blake X. Curry , owner and Head DJ

Curry Event Services


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