5 Key Points about our DJs.

Our 5 step formula for ensuring success at your event!

At CurryEventServices.com, we aim to work hand in hand with you to accomplish your event’s specific goals and meet your individual needs. Our unique approach to event planning is centered around our partnerships with the region’s best venues and vendors to create an ambiance that is second to none.

When doing so, our Event DJs and hosts are a major part of that operation, as they are instrumental in providing our clients and their guests with a fun, memorable, and unique event experience. Our DJs aid clients in every aspect of their events, from pre-event planning to on site adjustments in introductions, announcements and ceremonies. To say that your choice of DJ is an important component of your event’s success, is a rather large understatement, and should never be taken lightly.

Check below to see a 5 Key Points about our DJs,  which we like to share with our clients.

5 Key points about our DJs 

  1. Leading Up to the Event, you will have direct phone, social media and email access to your DJ.

  2. We come dressed specifically to blend in with your guests. Share your theme with us! (standard: Professional Attire/Suit and Tie unless otherwise noted.)

  3. We customize your playlist. We take both  “Must Play” and “Do Not Play” lists. Our DJs will acquire your choice list of songs before the gig upon request.

  4. Our DJs have a massive song library on hand. We also take on-site requests and can download music on-site (if there is wifi or hotspot)

  5. Back Up Speakers, Pre Made Mixes, and Back-Up Computer Systems are always available with each of our services. Our team comes extremely prepared. 

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Use the contact form on this page to inquire more about our DJ services to find the best sound professionals in the Northeast. (Servicing New England, Tri State and New York)

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