In the group oriented worlds of businesses, sports teams, and social clubs, there will always be a need for camaraderie and team building to exist in a more relaxed “get to know me” atmosphere.

Of course, there is that casual monthly (sometimes even weekly) opportunity to build with your co-workers and teammates through the everyday “get-togethers” of your workplace, family or team.  Sure, there’s even occasionally the “corporate events” and trainings that your company or group might provide – but none hold a proverbial candle to the annual jubilee which is the “Holiday Party”.

In light of such a magnanimous occasion – we at CurryEventServices.com have come up with our “Top 7 Holiday Party Tips of 2018” for those of you who are lost in your journey to spice up your yearly office Holiday Bash, Religious Party, or Annual Family Get Together.

7) The Venue Really Matters 

At your annual get together, it is important that all parts of your operation get the opportunity to relax among trusted associates & friends and kick back in an environment that encourages warm, open minded discussion. It is very difficult to pull that off if your office party is literally “at the office”. A nicer venue with a mood already set and established will help your team to open their minds (and their wallets) to any initiatives you might be trying to push. Plus, the music, lighting, food and beverage and spacial arrangements will all factor in when getting all groups together in one space, because it will allow them to really enjoy their time with those who they already know, and open the door to new friendships and productive relationships with those that are less familiar. Our planners work with several venues throughout New England and the greater Northeast to find the most comprehensive understanding of what each venue has to offer.

6) Good Event Planners are Paramount 

The stigma with Event Planners, is that they are known to be overly expensive and too “over the top” for the average Holiday Party. However, in today’s day and age, Event Planners come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be the difference in bringing up your group’s level of togetherness during an event such as a Holiday Party. Most Event planners and Coordinators will ask you your budget for the entire party, and can be of help in making appropriations to help you with things like Venue Selection, Music/Sound Provider, theme and lighting options and more. These things will all be essential parts to your Holiday party or annual workplace event when attempting to provide an atmosphere open to a diverse crowd.

5) Costumes and Themes are back in style!

Believe it or not, costume parties are most certainly back in style these days, and they really never went out of style as a top choice for a Holiday Party theme. Partially, this is due to the large amount of corporate holiday parties there are annually, and the need to make these occasions lighthearted and jovial can often bring ideas of this nature to mind. For example, in some workplaces and social organizations, I have found that a theme or costume party can take the pressure off of those who want to make their snazzy outfit into a competition of expense or luxury – as they know the boss is likely to be there. Ideas like “Holiday Character Parties”, “Ugly Sweater Parties” etc, can lighten the mood and allow for a more casual atmosphere, while also having fun with the theme (for the more competitive individuals in your group).

4) Don’t be afraid to have THE GAME on!

Believe it or not, it just so happens that there’s always a game on that SOMEBODY cares about. To make matters more complicated, this usually means that the nights we choose for Holiday parties of any capacity (family, business, or otherwise) will fall on the night of a BIG GAME . Sure, everyone has their cellphones and all, and of course they can check the score without the aid of the game or match being on the big screen, but it is important that you choose a venue that has the ability to have the game on for several reasons.

For the die hard fan, you truly do not want someone choosing to decline your invitation due to their desire to see their favorite sporting event or even worse, that they come to your party, and use it as an excuse for early exit. This is a rare occasion, but it is worth mentioning as sometimes that die hard fan will be the big kahuna, the head honcho, or their respective husband or wife.

Secondly, for the every day average joe and fantasy football style party-goer, the television is a good escape from the social atmosphere and allows for a moment of focus on something other than small talk. Hopefully, the game leads away from conversations about the workplace, and toward more conversations about the next Heisman trophy winner, or why Tiger Woods will never win another major tournament. This will lead to opportunities for common ground, social engagement, and hopefully the people at your party will want to build a relationship and maybe catch a Red Sox game together sometime soon.

3) The Right Food + Drink are non-negotiable 

Since time immemorial, he or she who throws the best parties knows one thing – The food and drink are extremely important. This is for many reasons. Firstly, snacks and beverages (both alcoholic and non) will determine how long people stay at your party. The longer they stay, the more you can accomplish-because after all the goal of this get together is to spend time with one another. The longer you can extend the time together, the more you as an organizer get out of it, and the more your party-goers get out of it. This essentially means that tasty snacks and  great drinks are a large piece of the puzzle – and should not be cheapened by the desire to pinch pennies. This is an investment in your team, after all.  Food and Drink are the epitome of “you get what you pay for”, so event organizers should try to find an even middle ground in their expenditures, but also remember there is a reason why many of these parties occur at restaurants and function halls! (See #7)

2) NEVER Schedule your event on the week of a Holiday

The holiday party needs to be carefully planned around many other obligatory holiday tasks. Putting it too close to the given holiday is only allowed for certain major Holiday get togethers and reserved for actual family events, not corporate gatherings, office parties or family reunions…. NEVER.

Try to make sure you respect the diversity of the holidays when scheduling these events, and know that your cohorts will be all the more impressed if you can ADD to the joy of their particular holiday season with a well timed, well maintained event that allows them to relax during a usually stressful and overly eventful time of year.

1) The music and sound will set the mood; for better or worse

There are many options for how one can hold a party, but a holiday party with absolutely no tunes is usually one which does not last very long. As we mentioned with #3, it is up to the host to make sure that each person stays and enjoys one another’s company.  The music is a very important component of a holiday party. We are obviously looking for background music, so the sound system and master of ceremonies do not need to be of world tour quality. However, it is much less of a burden on the event planner or host to have someone else handling all the sound and music concerns for the evening. As enhancing each person’s experience is essential to a successful holiday get-together, there is a distinct need for holiday background music, and always has been. This is often accompanied by a need for a MC/DJ to handle the night’s announcements, manage the music (so that your boss doesn’t just dominate everyone’s ears with his favorite LED ZEPPLIN CLASSICS CHANNEL), and hopefully play some old classics and some new chart toppers that will put a smile on the face of each person at the event.

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